13 July, 2008

Le Patisserie. aka growing up for doughnuts

j has sucked is fingers ever since he was 2 months. I always figured it would be really hard and a long process to get him to stop, as the horror stories of kids sucking their thumbs until their teen years are whispered throughout the parenting circles.

Two weeks ago I decided it was time. I was just done seeing it, he was too old to be doing it. I had never even mentioned the concept to him before, you know, that adults don't suck their fingers!? But, he is a quick learner, and generally eager to please so I told him that if he would stop sucking his fingers we would buy him a treat. I told him he could decide what he would like for that treat. He said: okay. two seconds later he said: mamma, I know what I would like! I would like a doughnut. I laughed so hard, I was expecting, a trip to the zoo, or a new toy, new ball, squirt gun...but no he wanted a doughnut.

So he stopped. I haven't seen him sucking his fingers since, and every morning for the first week the first thing he would do was tell me that he hadn't sucked his fingers all night. After a day we went out for pastries, aka doughnuts! We went to a cute little french bakery right near our house called: Le Patisserie (or something or other in french) it was a hit, and the finger sucking has ceased. Oh, but j wanted to make sure I knew that "o can still suck his fingers, he is still a baby. I am a big boy and don't do those things any more".

We all celebrated together a growing up step for j. I told him that when o stops sucking his fingers we will have to come back and eat doughnuts again. He thought that was a great idea.


holly said...

awh, what a sweet way to make a growing up step.

my 2.5yo boy is on the precarious edge of needing to give up his beloved paci. the last remaining one is pink(!) and there's a hole in the nipple but he still goes at it. sigh.

Medbie said...

How adorable! What a sweet and smart little man you have!

Angel said...

Great job Jackson! Wow, you are getting so big! That looks like one good doughnut!!