09 July, 2008


I am one. I am a wimp. I am currently sitting in a room with air blowing on me believing that I can't get up. Oh, yes believing it. I don't think I can move, my body is dried out by the heat and my mind fogged over. what does that mean? it means I am most assuredly a wimp. or just plain lazy.

I have convinced my limbs that they are to stay, and like a dog that is too old to chase a ball, they remain. I just sit here below a fan feeling the silken breeze. The juice has been sucked out of me, I am tired, or maybe I have a case of the malaise? Don't worry it is highly contagious. come over, you'll feel it too.

A couple nights ago I became the itchy owner of over 20 mosquito bites. I scratched and itched, and put glop all over- ridding myself of the side effects, or so I thought. I never considered that maybe in the process they sucked something from me of much more importance and worth, did they leave my body empty, take the life from me. No, that is silly, like I said I am just a wimp but excuse creating holds much more glow, the actual truth is boring.



HoneyB said...

Its ok to be a wimp....sometimes :-p

I was a wimp today too, but not so much because of the heat. Because I am still recuperating from my oldest son's wedding! I spent 1/2 of my day on the couch!!

Madeleine said...

Hi Bethany :)

Thank-you for your comment "wimp". I have been feeling like one much of the summer, know exactly what you mean :)