11 July, 2008

where would you go to goofy dance?

I just had to put this up when I saw it. the joy in international dancing was just too much for me:) goofy dance the world, it makes sense, right? boundaries are broken and fun is had. I want to do it!!!
what places do you think most need this? I think I could use a little jig now and then, it makes me happy...someone who takes his silliness to another level and is proud to display it to bring a little happy time to those around him. If people can forget for just a fraction of a second that the world is not a happy place, I think this has done its duty. you gotta watch this silliness:

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


andrew said...

Great! I showed this video to ellyn the other night, claiming it "restored my faith in both the inernet and the human race." It actually gave me chills. This is humanity at its best, you know. This is what we do. We achieve stupid things and then show them to others. All in all, I think this is a much deeper thing than just some guy being dorky. I mean, it is some guy being dorky. But underneath it all, it says something beautiful about culture and brotherhood.

Also, its funny.

bethany said...

yes, I completely agree. I watched it with the boys over and over, I was blown away by the happiness, the smiles and the hope. I do think it is silly as well, but that it is the goofyness that causes guards to be lowered, and people to lighten up and enjoy each other.

so, yes, I fully know what you are saying and I love it too :)