30 July, 2008

natives of my strange land

yummy food, comfy blanket, and...two bungaree boys with an apettite:
but then they notice my yerba mate, look at the faces they make...huh.

closer, and closer they get. look at the strange savages in their bungaree habitat.

wanting to check out what is inside. no worries though, of course they didn't get any...it is "mamma's yucky drink". Daddy has his coffee, and mamma has yucky :) (as long as I don't have to share there are few things I wouldn't let them call it!)


holly said...

so I totally had to wiki that because I'd never heard of it before. very interesting! I think it's neat that it's from the ilex/holly genus. :)

Corinne said...

That picnic looks so peaceful. You're a good mommy :)

bethany said...

holly- haha, sorry...I did forget to explain it!! I posted about it a long time ago, maybe it is time to give a link to that post again!!!:)

corinne- thanks :) sometimes it is peacefull and this was one of those times, others (as all mammas know) it is craziness!!

Medbie said...

LOL--they are too cute and so expressive!