10 November, 2007

GIVE ME PRESENTS...i love christmas.

What do you guys think of this new trend of giving gifts for Christmas that are not an actual gift for that person, but more in honor of that person for someone millions of miles away who is in big-time need of food, shelter and education. Maybe tons of you already do things like this, but it kind of just occurred to me. Check out this website Oxfam America .There is also, an intelligent giving blog in which you are given Charity profiles so that you know (buy their studies) which ones are worth your pennies. What do you think of things like this?
I guess for me as my kids get older I want them to realize truly how important it is to give to those who do not have. I just went out with Brad's mom and she bought gifts to fill up two boxes (one for each of her grandchildren) at the store for Operation Christmas Child who send the boxes of gifts and necessities all around the world. We took the boys and it was fun, although they are not old enough to get it yet.

I am all for Christmas traditions, but I guess the ones that are most amazing and true are those which cause you to give to those who really do not have. Anyone who is reading this is blessed, we have food, shelter, communication, education, freedom, friends and family who love us but some have none of that. I don't mean to dampen the idea of gift-giving to our family and friends which is also truly giving...but what about giving to those who really need?

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andrew said...

Hey, cool post! I was just thinking about Christmas and charity and what I should be doing this year. I was going to do a google search for things just like this. Thanks for making it easier.

Let's do dinner soon. I have New York stories.