30 November, 2007

veggie/vegan and/or cookbook/recipes

All you veggie lovers out there. Just wondering you would want to share your fave veggie/vegan cookbooks and/or recipes? I have subscribed to almost a million veggie food blogs, which is really nice, but I was just wondering if you guys...the ones of you who even eat veggies will share some of your favourites with me and the blogosphere. You can do so by just a comment, or you could just comment me and put the post on your blog. It seems it would be easiest to do the second, but I have no preference.

Also, do you have products (meatless type) that you consume on a regular basis and are super pumped about?? Share those too. Are there any supa-cool things that your kids really like? Are there any really good ones a your meat-lover guest? I am going to write and share mine soon....because sharing is so very good for everyone, yah??


MamaP said...

It will take me some time to get recipes to you, but a cookbook I like is Moosewood new classics. It's more user friendly than their others. It's an everyday cook book.
Belle eats tofu straight, I know that's weird but she does.
I have used a fake sausage weekly off and on, and I can't think of the name of it. Get back to you. It's from Winco.
Mel and Trish need to pipe in on this one.
I have used a Bulgar recipe from Mel for years. homemade pizza is a biggey for us.

bethany canfield said...

I know...I keept waiting for someone to notice this post. Thanks for your suggestions, I always forget what that cookbook is that you have told me about several times. Thanks dude! Oliver and Jackson love tofu too...I have never tried it by itself though..oliver calls it meat!

bethany canfield said...

is it the Moosewood Restaurant New Classics?? the one with the yellow cover with a moose and a tree silhouette on it? I found it on amazon, but just want to be sure that is the one you are talking about.