26 November, 2007

honesty & truth (*cont.) from "What do you write for?"

After Andrew's comment on my previous blog(what do you write for?)..and his latest blog on multiple things including blogging. I have decided what my issues are. This is my response to it all:
I will continue to blog...the reason I posted the questions was mostly to get my feelings settled as to why this is important. I too have people who read that are not in the area and who enjoy reading what is happening here...i just want to be sure that what i write is always honest- never pretentious.

Is pretentious the right word?....What I mean is to never be on paper someone that I am not really in person. I value honesty with utmost importance and when I seem to be the most honest sometimes it seems to cause a distance from people when they realize they do not think the same, or they unite and agree and do think the same way and then we can be "buddies". I guess what I am trying to get at is that through someone's deepest writing and yours you can see the differences that are not spoken in public...as in religion, politics and whatever else we "shouldn't" talk about. I enjoy these differences and I know others do too...but sometimes I feel like I don't want to put it all out there, since it is very easy alienate, and also to misinterpret what someone actually stands for from a few lines on their blog.

Many times it seems in our blogs we can be our perfect selves, loving all that we like and hating what we don't. I am not criticizing anyone, so if you feel like I was implying YOU than forget that!...just really want people to think about it. How do you make your blog portray you? It is your own creation, your own world...you are the overseer and complete author of it all. right?

Does that make sense to anyone but me?? What do you think?

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