20 November, 2007

Hotel Turkey by b

I wrote this when I was in college at Oregon State University. It was in OSU's Prism, the Literary Arts Magazine, spring 2002 issue. I think that was my last year there, and the first time I ever dared to turn any of my writing in for others to scrutinize and read over.
Since it is TURKEY-TIME this Wednesday, just wanted to share this on my blog. I traveled a ton with my parents growing up (all across the US and in Spain and Costa Rica), it mostly was fun, kind of difficult, but just different than anyone else I knew. I loved and hated it at the same time. I longed for a life that was like the "other kids'"...but I know better now. I am so THANKFUL for what I was given. It was perfect. I thank you mom and dad!!!!

re-heated microwave turkey
the smile of maids at the door
paper tablecloths printed brightly
with hotel insignias

don't worry there's swimming
after you eat
treadmill if you wish
television with too much cable

sterilized showers
immaculate tile
this is our non-smoking room
I wonder who slept here last night

I am thankful for a place to sleep
I am thankful for the food we eat
I am thankful for this place

clean towels daily
Gideon Bible provided
temp. set to match your needs
can we help you with those bags?

these card-keys are fun
put your backpack here
nope that's in the way
move your books, please?

make new acquaintances today
different shallow friends tomorrow
I know the capital of Wyoming
my cat lives with my grandma

I am thankful for my parents
I am thankful for my friends
I am thankful for this place

small town folk seem to stare
yes, I bought this in the city
I am not from here- yes, I know
don't worry, I will be gone tomorrow

please let me sleep
or I'm grumpy in the morning
I love the solitude of the bathroom
sorry, I took so long

oh, look out the window
what a view
today ocean
yesterday desert
tomorrow can I pick?

I am thankful for my brother
I am thankful for this day
I am thankful for this place

please speak up
I have an earache from the car
I am sorry we have to go
here is my address
write me sometime

where is home?
this seems to work
if you eat your continental breakfast now
if you leave before noon


Ellyn Canfield said...

I love this poem! It has stuck with me- I totally remember it from the prism days.

I am glad you had those experiences, they have made you you. But I am also so glad that you get to have thanksgiving at home with a lovely family now !

tricia said...

that was awesome, bethany (jackson) canfield!

MamaP said...

That is a great poem b. I love how you can tell in it you're trying to be thankful, and you are, but revealing the struggles at the same time.

Ellyn Canfield said...

No thanksgiving day pictures yet? You must be worn out from that shopping trip!

bethany canfield said...

sorry dude...i'll work on that tonight!!!!