26 November, 2007

who do you write for?

Do you blog because you want to share your opinions and have others comment on them? Or is it because you just like to write and see your words and pictures on the computer screen? Do you write what you want others to read, or do you write what you want and allow them to read it? Do you write what you think they will like to read, or about what you enjoy writing about? Do you worry about who will read your blog and sift through things that maybe would offend, or do you enjoy causing offense because it provokes thought and a re-thinking of things? why?

Do you write for others, or yourself? Do you write for comments? Do you write for clicks or hits or technorati faves? Why? What makes you sit down and write? Do you write for appearances? Do you write to look intelligent, or all-knowing or content with life, or un-happy and always questioning? Do you think that when you write everyone should agree? Do you have a hard time if they don't and wonder why you wrote in the first place?

I would say that at times, depending on what I feel I need from others, or what I absolutely don't want from them...I have written for these reasons(including the negative ones that I don't like to admit to). Definitely not only for these reasons...but I have written more for them than I would like...because I would like to not feel pressure in anyway to conform. And what do I mean by conforming? Conforming:( for me) is to be or appear to be anything different than what is completely true to yourself and what you believe most important.

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andrew said...

Mostly, the blog is self-serving, ego-related nonsense. But, I think it serves a purpose, too. A longer answer in a new post on my blog.

No matter what blogging is, I like doing it.

Let's keep it up.