18 November, 2007

he's at it again

Brad is studying again, and I just finished a good book and do not want to start another yet. What should I do? Since he has been in graduate school up in PDX I have A LOT of time on my hands in the evenings after the little boys go to bed. It is nice, but can get pretty boring. There is only so much blogging, reading, guitar learning one can do to keep themselves occupied. I have done well so far, but just wanted you all to know...that is why I have so much time to comment on blogs, read blogs, write blogs and start book clubs. It is all fun and stuff that I like to do, I just would not do nearly so much of it all if he were here all the time.

Brad goes to U of O's School of Journalism up in Portland (earning a Masters in Strategic Communication), so he drives up there(1. 5 hours) twice a week for two three hour classes, then drives back(1.5 hours again). This is after a full day at work.He leaves for work around 7 am and gets home about 11pm, then gets up again in the AM and goes to work. It is hard working full-time and going to graduate school so far away...he is a STUD! God will bless this season, but we need to keep our eyes focused to make it through. God is good.
He only works two days this week and does not have school!!! oh HALLELUJAH, amen. HAPPIEST THANKSGIVING TO US ALL !!


andrew said...

Yay for family on Thanksgiving. I'm glad Brad gets a break.

It was great to see you guys the other night, and I loved all the toys I got to see thanks to Jackson.

All the Canfields are in grad school. We just blog... :)

tricia said...

hey bethany, i had no idea that brad was gone so much. dug was living in oklahoma for 10 months, only coming home for sat and sun. that really sucked. but the funny thing is that i got so independent about my evenings, doing whatever i wanted. when he was home again it took a little getting used to. i had to learn to compromise about evening activities. it was quite a surprise to me. i wanted him to be home so bad and then when he finally was, it actually took a little getting used to. (of course it was waaaay worth the "hassle" of having to come to an agreement on what we were doing.) :-) it also made me realize that i was capable of a lot more than i originally thought i was, as far as taking care of the kids by myself. it's a tough season, but you'll make it with flying colors. i'm sure of it.

bethany canfield said...

wow trisha...that is WAY worse. i know exactly what you are talking about with the evening time though...funny that we can't wait to have them at home, but we want independence! that is me, fo sho.

MamaP said...

b, you are awesome, and you are doing a great job at supporting Brad. That's a really intense schedule for you, and you too Trish.

mrbenhoffman said...

Yo Canfields! I found your blog today. Brad, I have been meaning to call you for about a year and a half now. If that isn't a lack of initiative, I don't know what is. What is your phone number?