26 November, 2007

snaps to be had

Here are some films that I have been lazy about getting to on here: I rate them out of 5 snaps Let me know if you agree about the ratings....maybe I missed something important.

Pan's Labyrinth
Incredible. This film takes you to a secret place, yet it is unpredictable and truly beautiful to watch. I enjoyed it even more since it is in Spanish...but I would recommend this to anyone, NOT for kids though as it has dark beings and happens during wartime. If you were ever wondering about this one, watch it. I give it a full 5 snaps.

Because I Said So
A complete chick-flick...but a good one. This is interesting and deeper than some, but only a tiny bit. I liked this one...but it is what it is, nothing to make you think about the quality of life.
2 snaps.
Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima
I debated weather to rate these together or separate...so I'll do both. I didn't enjoy either, but I wasn't supposed to, and you won't either. This is a whole different type of film, the type we can't change...that type is history. Although they are both intense, full of gore, death and complete surrender to battle I guess I was glad I watched them. I was glad I watched both of them as well. Together they paint a picture that just one could not paint. I love the heroic deeds demonstrated on both sides, and the film shows that both sides contain boys, boys do miss home, but will die for what they are fighting for. Let's say 4 snaps for these two combined and individually. (I will comment thought that the Letters from Iwo Jima is much harder to watch as the men completely know they are going to loose...but they put up the best fight they can)

Casino Royale
What a Bond this man is. This Bond was a little less offensive to women...but not much. We are still complete objects, but we are shown to have some merit. I seriously love the main actress in this film, and that made it more interesting...but still a Bond. 3 snaps.
To be completely honest...i didn't like this one that much. I wasn't really moved by the singing or the acting or really the story. I know this one got good reviews, so sorry...but only 2.5 snaps from me.
The Devil Wears Prada
I deeply enjoyed this one. Seriously I liked it. It isn't super deep, but at the same time not ultra-superficial. Better than a chick-flick. The film makes some good points. 4 snaps.

The Astronaut Farmer
This was actually pretty impressive. A good lazy night film, no severe intrigue, not super intense...just good for a regular old after-work film. Good stuff.2.5 snaps.

License to Wed

Well, we watched this because it has the guy from the office in it, but it is not actually terrible. It is definitely not one to watch in a theater and pay huge amounts to see...but few are. It is a good no-thinking flick. (oh, and look to see more office actors in this film, you will find some more...keep an eye out!) 2 snaps.
La Vie En Rose
A dark film on an French international jewel. I was amazed by this one many times. If you make it through the beginning which is very dark(and that means bad!), it comes to a place where you can understand why they took you there. This singer as wonderful a singer as she is has had a very devastating life. I enjoyed it. The music is incredible, her voice like nothing I've ever heard before. 4 snaps.

Sweet Land
One of the best films I have seen. This one is sweet and deep and interesting. I enjoyed every second of this one and when it was over I was wishing it wasn't. It reminded me in some ways of Babbette's Feast .This was an amazing film. I give it a full 5 snaps.

The Last King of Scotland

I can't say I enjoyed this one, but that is not the point of such a film. It is intense and after that more intense. It is hard to like the main actors very much because one is a coward and the other one a dictator. However I think it was a film well worth watching. Make sure you are in a mood that will withstand severe torment (such as Hotel Rwanda). I give this one 4 snaps.

Well worth an evening, this one is a suspense/action flick. I really liked it. It was interesting and well thought out. It did give that typical action vibe, but it was definitely better than many others. I give it 3 snaps.

Georgia Rule

I tried with this one...but did not make it through it. Not good at all...boring and just pretty silly. That is my opinion yo. No snaps for this one.

This one was a good holiday film, which are in a different category than regular movies. They are allowed to be sentimental and a little corny. This one is not too much of that, but it does throw you off many times when you assume that it is going to be the typical predictable holiday film. It is a strong 3 snaps.

Michael Moore Hates America
This was a good film, and just goes to show how much really can be altered in the media in order to prove a point, weather it be factual or completely made up. I did like this film, but it seemed a little one dimensional and a movie about another movie type of thing. It is good to watch especially if you like or really do not like Michael Moore and his antics.
I give this one 3 snaps.

Amazing Grace
Which I thought was really well made and interesting and good. There were many deep factors in this film that I thought worthwhile. The depictions of slavery and whether God had called someone to act against it...it was just good. I recommend it.
I would give it 4.5 snaps.


MamaP said...

These are great! We just saw amazing grace and we would rate it the same. I was surprised to see the Pan Lab. rating. I haven't seen it but it looked scary to me, but I'm a wuss. I really want to see La Vie en Rose. I won't ever, probably, see the last king of scotland even though I know it's a good movie. I have a weak stomach. I'm better with dark than gory.

bethany canfield said...

Pan's Labyrinth is awesome...it is not too scary, well I don't know maybe. You should watch Sweet Land...it is a good one that I think you'd like. I understand what you mean about the Last King of Scotland...I wouldn't recommend that one for you.

MamaP said...

I do want to see sweet land, maybe we'll try pans labyrinth.

tricia said...

holy cow! that's a ton of movies. i kept reading thinking that was the last one, and nope, another one would scroll up! i agree with the iwo jima films. i thought they were excellent. and the pan lab, i've been wishy-washy about seeing it for the same reasons as P. i think i'll try it. haven't heard of about 1/2 of them. thanks for the reviews. got to go add some more films to my already unbelievably long netflix queue. (think we have over 300 movies on it. ay-chee-wah-wah)

bethany canfield said...

i know...it is a ridiculous amount of movies!!! I just procrastinated so long and then decided to do them all. I do warn that pan's labyrinth is a tad scary,it is mostly fantasy scary and not gory scary ..if that helps.

bethany canfield said...

okay P and Trisha...I talked to Brad and he says that Pan's L. May be a bit gory. It does occur during wartime if that helps at all, so there is a scene of torture...hope that helps.

Luke Zedwick said...

okay, again with the testosterone comment, but i have to say that william wilberforce would kick william wallace's kilt covered ass in a christian superhero contest with guys named william.

Brad Canfield said...

In a rare moment of blog commenting, I have to say I fully agree with Luke's comment above. Though I think it would be a very close fight. And the insane guy from Ireland might jump in and make it an unfair match in Wallace's favor.

bethany canfield said...

yes, i believe i would agree.

Eric Steen said...

i loved sweet land! that was fun. thanks.