21 October, 2007

Brandi Carlile, in the Ballroom, with the guitar...

Does this bring back CLUE memories?!?I am really excited!! I have been planing to go to the Brandi Carlile concert for a while....and it is this Thursday. She amazes me every time I listen to her...the ruggedness of her voice and and just the simple words are incredibly beautiful. My mom is watching the boys and we are going to stay with some friends in PDX. The next day we are going to take it easy and hang out around Portland, probably visit Powell's bookstore, and a coffee shop or two.
Brandi Carlile

It is fun as the boys have gotten a little older we have chances to go away and just be together.
Last weekend my mom watched the boys and we went to Salem, to dinner and to the coffee house cafe, which is one of the places where Brad and I used to hang out pre-kid days. They had live music that night and it was actually really amazing.

I like looking forward to these things we get to do together and it is so fun when we get to go out on our dates. Life is so good.


MamaP said...

I really like her song story. She has a great voice. Have fun. Next time come stay with us or visit.

Ellyn Canfield said...

oh yay, coffee house cafe!