29 October, 2007

PDX times

Like I said in my last entry, Brad and I went to Portland this weekend and had a great time. My mom watched the crazy baby monkeys back at home and we just had a take-it-easy time doing whatever we felt like doing. It was a much needed break. We drove up and the first thing we did was go to a Brandi Carlile concert. This was on our way to there...and our weekend away, or two days...however you want to look at it, it was pure fun.

Brad says he always likes to look at this church on his way up to PDX for classes
twice a week, so i took a picture.

After a wonderful dinner at PF Chang's...we are finally at the concert we were waiting to get to. It is the best concert I have ever been to, by far. Brandi Carlile is so beyond beyond. incredible.

Here we are a bit blurry, let's call it art.

This is Bipartisan Cafe...on stark, or something. It is way cool. in case you were wondering where Brain's fave coffee shop was...this is it! we liked it too. I especially loved this super neato mocha they made for me!! I have never had one with art on it before, this was amazing.

B and B...chit-a-chatting.
so, since we are done...let's keep moving.

here is the real deal flower power. ain't it neato? this is between the Hall's and the Bipartisan, in case you are interested in visiting.

Tony's sushi, I think that is what this place is called...way good anyway. I had the california rolls and the udon for under 6 dolla. yummy, YUMMY! The girl who waited on us had HUGE dreads!! They were so beyond cool. I am so glad I married a man who is not intimidated to take me to places like these...he doesn't really do sushi though, but they always have yakisoba or teriaki, or some such thing. that is what he gets.

B and b just out and around...i think i forgot to smile. it is hard to remember when you are trying to hold the camera far enough away to get both of us in.

here are Brian and Amy hall with their Montage "doggie bags", yes the place is way cool. It is a Cajun restaurant, and oh it is oh so spicy!
This is me with my "doggie bag", it is a giraffe...a tad taller than me. I think that they are not super concerned with the environment, but it is pretty fun to try and fit this bad boy in a vehicle of any sort, shape or size!!

Back at the Hall's now...still with the giraffe.

and then we went home...very late that night, but Brad had to write a paper for monday.


Ellyn Canfield said...

SOO fun!
You guys are really cute and I'm glad you got that time together.
And fun that you got to see Brian and Amy, too!
Do you still have the giraffe?

love you!

Pottergirl said...

that sushi looked soooo good. i'm so jealous. looks like a ton of fun. i hope you don't have the giraffe if it was a doggie bag. nasty smell by now since i don't think it would fit in the fridge?

Pottergirl said...

i forgot to say one more thing. i was looking at flickr today and they have a whole slew of pics of latte art. yours was just as beautiful as any on there though. but funny that i saw my first latte art today and then you posted one as well.

MamaP said...

Yah, for parent's nights out! So needed. I'm glad you guys had fun up here in P-town. I love the Bi-Partisan. It's actually a great place for taking kids. I've met with a momma there a couple of times before, and taken just me and the kids there too.