12 October, 2007

called by name

I posted a new song up on myspace. I know several of you HATE myspace...but it is really good for music stuff! Anyway, here are the lyrics:

You are love
You are light
You are Great

You are glorious and majestic
Your righteousness endures always

Awake- be the nations
Arise all peoples and lands

Let our voices together
bring out the dawn
You have gathered us up
now we rejoice

You called us by name
so we came to praise

Alive-be His children
Fire- to this generation

Hear your children cry out
all over the earth
We'll wait for your glory
to come flood this place

You called us by name
and we came here to praise

You called me by name
so I came here to praise you

OKAY....so go give it a listen!!! at http://www.myspace.com/bethanycanfield
fun stuff yo!! GoD IS gOOd.

1 comment:

Ellyn Canfield said...

This is awesome, b. AND the radiohead album- I am cool just by knowing you.

SAD, you guys are all planning family dinners WITHOUT ME. Please make a life size cardboard cutout and keep it at the table.