31 October, 2007

today is NOT halloween!

just so you know today is not Halloween...it is my mother-in-law's birthday! she is coming over for dinner along with my parents, and obviously the kids and Brad and I will be here too. I have spent all day making food (of course in between scolding and cleaning poop off the floor) I made two different kinds of lasagna, homemade bread, a pie and a cake...it is some sort of insanity I must have reached. I am being an overachiever today, and I usually am not this way. Someone smack me. I guess it is also because the feeling of fall has finally set in. It is pretty chilly outside now, and the leaves are changing and because I do not use my oven in the summer (no ac....very hot!) because I don't desire to feel what hell could be like...that is why I am in full swing baking mode! It is also because this year for the first time in a while my kids are old enough to play by themselves for hours at a time while I can make things. Jackson is old enough to pour spices and some easier/lighter items as well. He loves to help, and I love to let him help. I guess I feel fall in my bones and am excited about where we are at. I love doing grown up stuff. I love my kids, but I do not want my entire image and life caught up completely in who they are...because as we all know one day they will get married, get jobs, have kids, or move to Alaska to fish...and I will still need to be content with who I am.
okay, now that was a tangent...anyway today is NOT Halloween! it is my mother-in-law's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!!

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