30 October, 2007

dude! where is my house?

Probably all of you have heard about the fires in CA lately. Brad's cousins live in Santa Clarita (Greg and Mary Smith) and just now are picking through the rubble from what was their home. Mary's sister, Brenda, who lives in Salem Oregon started this site for them called: dude! where is my house?
There is a three part video of them going back to their house and picking through the ashes to find glimpses of what they used to have. I will post the complication of the videos they have below which is about 3 minutes long. If you go to dude! where is my house? site you can see the extended versions, which are each about 8 min. long but are definitely worth it.
It is so amazing how our strength comes out when we are outwardly weak, when things go wrong and when we are challenged. I was incredibly blessed watching the heart that Greg and Mary show here in this clip and you can see it even better in the longer ones...they know where their identity is. Please pray for them, no matter how strong you are this would never be easy.

Greg and Mary- Santa Clarita Fire- (3 min. version):


Tricia Potter said...

I can't wrap my brain around the reality of this happening to us. Or even happening to real people. I've read tons of articles about the fires but unless you see a face, it all kinda rolls off. Seeing Greg and Mary smacks it right back into reality. But it's still unbelievable.

bethany canfield said...

i know, i completely agree. it is hard to see reality when something seems so far, but real people, not just interviews make things way powerful. you are so right.