15 October, 2007

music player on sidebar!!

Hello all again!! I just posted my music player to the sidebar on my blog page! I know some of you anti-myspace will be super pleased with this. I will keep it updated. Yah, so check them out ya'll...enjoy.
You should just be able to click on the song you want to hear and when it is highlighted click on the center circle button for it to begin. I did not want to set it up to play automatically because that can be very annoying.
(if the music player is confusing, or does not work right let me know!!)


andrew said...

Neato! Hey your songs sound awesome. Very lo-fi, raw, goodness. I like the second one the best.

Also, way to go with the cat scarf. What the heck?

Way random.

Oh, and I have hit three things in my life, a raccoon, a bird and a biker.

I felt bad about the raccoon, terrible, because it had a family with it.

The bird, it was kinda his fault, but I still felt bad for the day.

But the biker, I feel less bad about hitting the biker.


jonah lang said...

Awww...you do love me. Thanks for not making me go back to myspace! I am really enjoying your creativity. Makes me feel inspired to make something. hmmm.

Ellyn Canfield said...

oooh...the sidebar music contraption is neat? how DID you get that tiny ipod into your computer? i think your blogging skills have far surpassed mine!