28 October, 2007

this weekend

I want to put pics up, but for now...let me just say Brad and I had the most superbest fun weekend!! Yay. We took off up to Portland for two days and my mom watched the little ones. (yay for her!!!) We were able to go to a concert, drink a crazy cool coffee at "the bipartisan cafe" and stay with our buddies Brian and Amy Hall. (in their super amazing home!!) We also waled around in Powell's and also the Hawthorne dist...and just had fun together. I will post pictures tomorrow...it would take to long right now, and it must be past my bedtime.
ps..and we are excited to announce we are currently ALMOST completely caught up with "the office" so soon we will be right with the rest of you. please, don't ruin it for us. thanks yo.

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