12 October, 2007

in rainbows

I downloaded the new RADIOHEAD album today. I have been hearing about it for days (at least two!) and I just really wanted it. It is amazing to me that a band could have the confidence to do what they did.
For those who do not know, they released their album in download for only on their website. They requested that people pay not what "they thought is was worth" as some reporters have said but all it said was "it's up to you". So I paid one pound and didn't worry too much about the logistics of what "it's up to you" really means. Because I have an overly developed sense of honesty, or justice or something...I did not want to do anything dishonest by them, and yet I still feel guilty if I really think about it. But they asked right!? I know that I could have not paid anything, well actually I know that some people probably have not payed anything...there is no way I would could have done that, but sometimes I wish I could.
Anyway, the album is paying right now...it is beautiful, I love it. The melodies and tunes are just incredible, their beats are entrancing...I am so glad they did not say I had to pay "what I thought it was worth", I wouldn't have been able to handle that! How much would that be? How could I know if I was jipping them? ahhhhh!

So, Here's to RADIOHEAD!!! I am amazed by them right now...maybe that is exactly what they wanted. You check it out and you'll be amazed too!! And please DO tell me what you paid!!!
Check it out at

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MamaP said...

B and I checked this out but didn't download. The page is kinda weird.