14 January, 2008

bouldering women's final world cup 2005

This is another thing that makes my palms sweat and my body flinch as I watch, much like parkour...but is actually more something that I would be able to do....I love watching this!!!! watch it and tell me if you think you'd like to do it too.
I picked the women's bouldering world cup because I am a woman and this is one sport at which women can do really well because of the lower body weight/height and smaller body structure. Thank God!


jessa said...

i can totally see you doing that! crazy girl! hey, i can't get my comments to work on pp? am i doing somthing wrong? jessa

bethany canfield said...

i don't know, meg said something too. I checked the settings and they have not changed, so you should be able to...so I don't know?! try refreshing the page? let me know if you are still having problems.