06 January, 2008

meatless product review

Here are a few products that we have tried...two good, one not so much.

Costco carries Don Lee Farms now, which I haven't really heard about until I tried the Veggieballs. They are pretty good, they definitely DO NOT taste like meat, but are very easy to enjoy. The boys love them. They are made of veggies, nuts and mozzarella...very yummy. They do melt very fast, and kind of fall apart so you can't mess with them much. I usually heat some up for lunch and the boys eat them up.

I bought the Veggie Patties from this same brand, but haven't made them yet, so I don't know what they'll be like.

I really liked this "soyrizo" which is a meatless take on chorizo a very common type of sausage meat in Spain. You take off the outer casing. So, it is a lot like the texture of ground beef or really ground anything. I scrambled it up with some eggs and it was amazing! It would be perfect in chili as it has a little bit of spice to it. I recommend this meatless product, I found it at the Safeway here in Lebanon so I am sure it is pretty common.

The second is one I really did not like, and will not buy again: Smart Deli Bologna style veggie protein slices. I did not like these. If anyone has tried the other varieties of this brand let me know either way if you liked them or not. Tell me if I should give them another shot...but I really didn't think these ones tasted much better than smoked, salty rubber. yuk.

If you have some good meatless products that you really like to consume...let me know I'd love to try them!


mej said...

im with ya on the deli "meat"
we've used Smart ground taco "meat" before and it is okay. I like to just use bulgar instead. I have tried the soyrizo before on pizza ~ not bad. :)

bethany canfield said...

oh yes, give me the recipe...or bring it friday. I want to know how you cook it!! please???