22 January, 2008

langston hughes opens myopic eyes

Words Like Freedom

There are words like Freedom
Sweet and wonderful to say.
On my heartstrings freedom sings
All day everyday.

There are words like Liberty
That almost make me cry.
If you had known what I know
You would know why.

Bible Belt

It would be too bad if Jesus
Were to com back black.
There are so many churches
Where he could not pray
In the U.S.A.,
Where entrance to Negroes,
No matter how sanctified,
Is denied,
Where race, not religion,
Is glorified.
But say it-
You may be

Children's Rhymes

By what sends
the white kids
I ain't sent:
I know I can't
be President.

What don't bug
them white kids
sure bugs me:
We Know everybody
ain't free.

Lies written down
for white folks
ain't for us a-tall:
Liberty And Justice--
Huh!--For all?

-Langston Hughes
The Panther and the lash: Poems of our times

I am captured by Langston Hughes, he is a man who writes poetry that could rock you even if you didn't agree.

This is what poetry is for, to create a movement in a place where stagnant waters gather. I wish that we all could say racism and hatred were just things of the past...but we can't, because they are not. When we grow to understand one race more accurately then we begin to separate and distort (many times extort) another. Fear of the unknown should not grip the way it does, for the unknown is just beauty waiting to be seen. This beauty cannot express itself through our knowlege of the way things should go, but we need to grasp the understanding that it is amazing and created by God not to be seen and classified through our myopic eyes. But through His eyes...Then we could see the anointing in it all, that really...God chose to make us all different because he does not see things through our tunneled minds.

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