03 January, 2008


what do you daydream about?

In kindergarten one of the things the teacher told my mom is that I would sit and stare out the window while she was trying to teach the class something. From my seat I remember just tuning the world out an concentrating on whatever I wanted to. This is a trait that is still strong in me, I dream...daydream about things that I am interested in. At different times in my life I dream about different things, here are the present things that I think about during the day when I should be concentrating on the more practical.

*i dream of playing the guitar really well, spontaneously. * i dream of life lived in a yurt, with land and what that would look like.

*silk yarn, alpaca yarn, and knitting pretty things.
*my garden and what I will plant this year.

*getting into shape by rockclimbing at least 3 times a week...that would be a dream.

SPAIN, my homeland...kindof.

*growing and harvesting as much of my own food as possible

*family hikes...when we can hike for miles, and camp and backpack and the boys are able to help with the load.

*growing my boys the way God wants me to, and having them be surrounded by others who are doing the same.

*beautiful long dreads...

*giving my God all the glory "soli deo gloria": only give God glory

*charismatic/passionate leaders...and more beautiful dreads

wandering in far away lands, no time restraints, no jobs to get back to, just living with the people, learning languages, sharing, enjoying, while bringing Christ...mostly I dream of the Amazon and those tribes, or Peru, New Zealand, Kenya, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Australia...

nature...forests, jungles...the amazon.

passion, peace, enjoying my journey,
meeting fun people, practising hospitality,
enjoying differences, living with each breath,
working for what really matters

and much much more.....

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mej said...

awesome bethany ~ send some daydreaming my way ~ I need more of it. :)