25 January, 2008

daydreaming again.

I cannot stop thinking about this guitar...I have tried...and tried...but it is almost like an obsession. If you saw it in person and were at all interested in purchasing a guitar at the time, you might feel the same. It is made in Canada. The body is made from unvarnished wild cherry. the neck is sliver leaf maple, the top is solid cedar...it is so beautiful, and the sound is the best I have ever heard. I find myself itching to go back to the store and strum on it's magical strings again, but then maybe the spell would be even stronger and I would not be able to let it go ever again.

It is an Art& Lutherie, and it is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen, the most beautiful guitar I have ever heard.

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Ellyn Canfield said...

Maybe you should ask Jackson to get it for you for Christmas? Just keep bugging him about it!