19 January, 2008

push 'em up and cheer as they fall

Brittney says: "I'll kill my kids!"
Brangelina is not getting along.
Pres. George W. Bush has a scratch on his face and therefore that means that he was drunk and got into some type of intense fight, probably with his wife, maybe with two of his wives.
Is JLo pregnant?? What about the Hanna Montana role model?
Katie Holmes wonders who the father of her baby is, It can't be Tom!

We give them money, we watch their movies...we live through their multi million-billion dollar purses, wishing to look like them, act like them and get what they do. Of course, we think we are actually better than them, deeper people, we have learned harder lessons, and worked for a living.

I would argue we are jealous, we wish we had what they did, that people would turn around at Safeway to admire our shoe choice or hairstyle. We want to be admired, we want to be liked, we want people to know us, we want to not be lonely, we want to have more money, have more fun, eat at nicer restaurants...we will always want more.

So, we push them...we grab their hair and pull them with our cameras into the limelight and then throw them away when we realize they don't really have anything more than we do. We push them up and cheer as they fall. We are so happy that have found faults, that they get divorced, their kids die, they get fat, say something stupid, or are very lonely...because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

The hardest thing for me is the kids, the kids of these people. A while back there was a famous father that called his young daughter a pig on the phone and that was everywhere.What about Brittney's two kids, they are loosing a mom, maybe they never really had one. Anna Nichole Smith's little daughter was fought over for months, her mom is dead, it would have been better if the baby didn't have any money...she may have ended up somewhere were she'd be loved.

Whatever, I don't know who to blame...I am just saying this is all really sad, and I wish it didn't happen.

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Ellyn Canfield said...

This is really good, b. I think you are so right. I am totally guilty of this. I read the stuff to mock it, but really I am just perpetuating it.