18 January, 2008

Powells, Edgefield, Bistro

Oh what fun it is to ride in the car all the way to PDX kidless and with B! It was so much fun. We visited the Nists (although I forgot to take pictures), we visited Powell's Books, and hung out with Ellyn and Andrew and Co. for her birthday Par-Tay at Chopsticks. Then we stayed at Edgefield (which I completely do not recommend, ask me and I'll tell you if you are interested), and we went for breakfast and then back to Powell's. Yes, it is fun stuff to get a day away from home and chaos in order to sit back and not have to constantly multi-task unless we choose to. But by the end of the trip we are always super-thrilled to get home and see our two little bungerboys.

@The Black Rabbit
Restaurant (Edgefield)
@ a bistro by Powell's for brunch


tricia said...

i had to laugh. the pic of you and brad makes the words you wrote seem sarcastic. i can tell you were concentrating on taking the picture and brad is just being serious, but it looks like you are having less than the time of your lives.

bethany canfield said...

haha! it is pretty funny...i just like serious pics sometimes. did you know that in much of Europe when you take a picture of people they don't smile, it is more an American thing to smile for the camera...funny huh!?

really though, that is not what I was doing here...it is just the only one of us that turned out, i need to be in search for a NICE camera like you and P...my pics are so iffy these days.

Brian said...

so I heard that place was beautiful/hauntedish. Sounds like a fun visit but not the kind of place I would spend an anniversary. Why didn't you like it?