07 December, 2007

christmas music!!!!!

Oh, I love this season...we started playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving even hit. The best way to do it is just plunk in some Christmas tunes and that will hit the spot. I am sure everyone has classics that they remember from childhood, but here are some of my all-time favourites, just in case you want to spice up your Christmas music collection:

Anything by Bing brings Christmas in a hurry...he is pretty much mi ultimate fave...amazing old time goodness! Go for it on White Christmas...the movie is great too!
The Rat Pack with Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. is another one that we just can't get enough of. Good, great and even better classics in style on this Christmas with the Rat Pack
Oh, Brad Paisley...for that good, true sweet country Christmas....Brad Paisley Christmas it doesn't get any warmer than this, unless you start a fire. Christmas is a time to do country, even if you really don't usually like it that much. ( I love country though...so maybe I am wrong about this!)
Light of the Stable, by Emmylou Harris. This woman can sing, and she does so on this album with others who can also do it really well. This one I just bought this year on itunes, and is on our repeat list along with the rest of the goodies.
Okay, I had to add this one. I actually don't own it right now, but this is one that I grew up on. Amy has had some hard times...but who couldn't love her 80's A Christmas Album!? I do. I need to head over to itunes and see what kind of deal they'll give me.

Yes, Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas...she is not my favourite at all, but her voice is amazing and I had never ever noticed it until I heard this album! Even if you seriously never thought you could stand her, try this one (demos, or library....) I am sure you'll be hooked. It is all the talent with none of the gushy, sexy, overdone, stuff....it is pure and incredible.


tricia said...

i have to admit i was pretty surprised to see the mariah album. she does have an amazing voice though. just funny, that you had to put the cover up. he he

bethany canfield said...

the only way you can say that is if you have never listened to this album. try it...you;ll be an unashamed supporter of this album too. it is incredible!

crimson warrior said...

Nice selection! I have to share two more of my favorites. I don't know if this is too new, but you should definitely check out Sufjan's Christmas box set. It's a great combination of the old and the new. Oooh, I love it. It has five discs. The second is the Charlie Brown Christmas album. That's a classic.

bethany canfield said...

I checked out Sufjan's Christmas...it is insanely amazing! you are so right B!! I also do believe that the Charlie Brown one is a classic.

Thanks so much for telling me about Sufjan's album...I LOVE IT!

Ellyn Canfield said...

SO glad to see amy grant is included!