11 December, 2007

tree land...ADVENTURE

Our adventure began after we shoveled our dinner into our mouths as fast as possible in order to make it to the tree world before it closed. We got in the car all warm and cozy and realized just how dark it was once we left the city of the living, and entered no man land (tree land!). We followed our friend Becky's directions to where we thought this place would be, and it was there...it was just very hard to see. There were no lights on, but there was an "OPEN" sign we could see once the headlights hit it. So, it was open...right!? Or did they forget to take in their sign?! Oh, well since we had traveled to tree land we did not want to come back treeless (especially with a 3.5yr old in the back seat, talk about disappointment!).

Brad got out of the car and went to the mobile home door and knocked. Soon after that, a man followed him with a light and a saw and tried to illuminate our path through this new and exciting world...it didn't really work too well. The man was in front with the flashlight, then Brad followed...and we all know Brad is much, much taller than any of the rest of us, meaning none of us could see anything. I was carrying Oliver and holding Jackson's hand thought this darkness, I mean adventure.

We kept tripping, falling and all sorts of fun things, but the funniest is when Jackson's face kept getting brushed by those really tall weeds and he asked, " there are no bees here, right mamma?". I about answered no, but our tree land guide turned and answered: No, well I don't think we have any out here right now, they are a little to the east". Uhm, yes...that is not what you tell a nervous, in the dark, muddy, falling over tree stumps 3.5 yr. old!! I held my breath and hopped Jackson did not understand that this man actually had homes to put his thousands of bees in, and that maybe they were not here right now....Jackson did not seem to notice. YAY!

So, we cut the tree, we carried it to our car and left tree land...with one Christmas tree. What more can you ask of tree land than that!? It was a great adventure. Happiness is going home with a tree in your trunk! right?! (and no bees)


tricia said...

you beat me! i'm posting about our christmas tree hunt tonight! i love it when trees are peeking out from the trunk, or strapped to the top of a car. it's so christmassy to me.

crimson warrior said...

For a second there I actually thought there was a place called "Tree World" which made me really excited. That would be so funny if there was an actual christmas tree farm called "Tree World." Kind of like Camping World.

bethany canfield said...

sorry dude...that would be cool thought, wouldn't it!?

Ellyn Canfield said...

I am impressed that you guys braved it- I'm guessing having a 3 year old reminding you is good motivation. You had better got get a tree, and a guitar for that matter!

I love the last picture, Oliver looks like he's doing a victory dance in front of the tree!

rev213 said...

Oh, your tree looks so perfect in front of the orange wall. Thanks for the comments, I'm really encouraged, though kind of nervous. I miss you guys, and we're gonna have to do something about that eventually:) I can't keep up with all these blogs. But we did get a tree on November 24, which is like 4 weeks earlier than usual for me.