20 December, 2007


This is a super serious must-see. There really is no choice in it. If you have not seen it you missing out on one of those experiences that only comes all too infrequently in film. I cannot get enough of this film ONCE. I haven't ever heard anyone say one negative thing about it. It really is just one of those. It is a low-budget, draw-you-in, easy to love film that is quirky, odd and precocious as well. It is about two musicians and their love of music, while trying not to love eachother. It just came out yesterday on DVD...so you better get to it. Brad and I watched it in the theater and loved it, but couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD because we had a hard time understanding what they were saying sometimes and we needed subtitles. If you miss out on this film- it is a pretty serious mistake.


jonah and becky lang said...

Hey- we just rented this last night on your recommendation. It was great!! I watched it twice and Jonah promptly downloaded the songs. What a great story and I especially loved that they both did the right thing without giving in to momentary passion. It's nice to have a movie portray that.

Brian said...

you can't forget to mention that Markéta Irglová and Bethany Canfield have strikingly similar spunk and features.