10 December, 2007

my yoko

This is my newest addition to the family. I wandered home with her sometime in May. I could not not bring her home from a box outside Safeway. There were two just like her, and I picked her. The lady said that she and her sister were the only ones in the litter like her, and that they looked "seriously Siamese". She does!! but she is not, it really is the best of both worlds: the looks without the nasty personality! hahah!!She is the sweetest cat...kind of, she does enjoy tormenting our other two cats. But who could resist her?!


tricia said...

she's beautiful. dug and i have decided not to have pets for a number of reasons i won't go into. but pics like these almost make me want to go get a wittle, titty-tat for my bery own.

bethany canfield said...

no animals?!...i don't think I'd make it...they are too soft for me to stay away. even stray animals attract me like insanity.