31 December, 2007

happy new year!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I pray and hope that in 2008 we all fall more passionately in love with Jesus, and reach a greater understanding of all that he gave for us.

For myself I have never actually made a new year's resolution...not ever. I don't believe there is any magic in this date. What I do know is that you can have a new beginning any day of your life, until it is ultimately too late.

Each day I would like to be more selfless, less keen on living full-on for myself. Each day I would like to be more passionate...not complacent, not falling into a rut of life and just living each day as it comes but purposefully living beyond my own expectations and dreams. I have dreams, goals and now as I have seen things unfold through my short years I know that in no way do they measure up to what is actually planned for my life...and what God has called me to be.

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tricia said...

preach it, girl! i'm with you, although i'm a sucker for new years resolutions. the anal side of my personality loves a given date and corresponding goals/requirements. i can't help myself. but i also don't take it too seriously either. it's true what you say about each day is a new beginning, and i take that 100% seriously. happy new years, cute girl.