30 December, 2007

tell me what you see:

This Christmas eve we gave our family the equivalent of an inkblot test...not really meaning too, but that is the way it worked out. Here you are able to see what each of them is thinking about.

Oliver drew: what do you see in this picture? (maybe he was hungry!?)

Ellyn : I think it is obvious that she is anticipating a perfect wedding! yay! (do you see the back of Andrew's van ready to go? fun stuff.)

Brad: this one he drew for me...it is our future yurt home, a wonderful garden...oliver is climbing a tree and jackson is the goat herder. I think he put himself sitting and drinking coffee...and just observing the beauty of it all.
Andrew: He is thinking about his next feat to travel around the US of A! ( according to him the person in the back seat is Ellyn)
Jackson: Well, since it was Christmas eve...guess what he was thinking about? here is a Christmas tree with a smile and a lot of pretty lights.

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Ellyn Canfield said...

Yes, I'm glad you posted these! Maybe we are in the van coming to visit you guys in your yurt! Although I am pretty sure it is actually monica lewinsky in andew's picture.