30 December, 2007

kitchenaid love

My mom got me this B-EAUTIFUL! bright red kitchenade for Christmas. I have been wishing for one for a long time. It has been incredibly helpful so far, and I know what I will use it until it dies. This weekend I made:

-4 batches of scones (lavender and chocolate chip)
-8 loaves of bread
-a double batch of chocolate chip cookies
-a doubled batch of corn chips

I am so over mixing by hand! I have to say though that I have good muscles for a skinny girl...due to the bread kneading and the mixing of tons of stuff. We are trying to not buy any pre-made things...at all. (key word "TRYING") our goal is to make/bake/cook and eat things that we know what is going into it...to the best of our ability. That is why this bright red kitchenade comes in handy...THANK YOU MOM!!!

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tricia said...

yay! i'm so happy for you. aren't kitchenaide's awesome!? i esp. like that i can put the dough ingredients in, turn it on and then come back and it's all soft and smooth. makes bread so do-able. i am totally with you on the make-your-own stuff. i hate buying anything pre-made or processed. of course, sometimes i need to, but i try to make everything from scratch. it's so much fun. keep me informed on what you make.

ps how did you make the corn chips?
post or email, either one...