13 December, 2007

crap, it's what's for dinner!

Hey...just a thought, an idea...whatever that I wanted you guys to know about ( I am sure many of you do...and in that case...what do you think about it?):

Did you know that even though Europe has McDonald's and Burger King that they do not allow their restaurants to serve the same low-grade quality of meat and other ingredients that are served at the McDonald's and Burger King here in the USA??! When I say low-grade there are many things that I am talking about, the growth hormones, the antibiotics and the general quality of the meat cuts used.

What do you think about that! I have know this for a while...and let's just say that in the last 10 years I have probably only been to a fast food locale MAYBE 5 times.

How do you feel that the person who told me about this insane thing is one of my best friends from Spain, living in Spain and studying Agriculture in a Spanish University? How does it make you feel that they know...and many of us do not!? I know that it makes me feel pretty bad. If this were only about fast-food...but oh,...it isn't. It is about the quality of most of our food in the US. Our standards are too low because we want the cheapest, and the fastest, and what really should not be eaten...we want it all. YUK!

Oh, did you know that 1 out of every 3 health care dollars is spent on fixing the problems caused by bad eating habits?! Yay.

Does that make you feel well taken care of, or what!?


mej said...

yah, no.

tricia said...

the whole situation makes me frustrated and i feel so powerless to do anything. of course i use my dollars to buy the best food i can, but it feels like such a tiny insignificant thing.

the other countries of the world have these great foods to offer, what has america offered the world? hotdogs, american "cheese", coca cola. wow, how did we become the most powerful nation in the world raised on this stuff?