20 December, 2007


GA-LI-MO-TO, you know! right? If not...let me tell you about my latest thing: those vehicles, usually bikes or cars or trucks that the kids make in several developing countries around the world....some in Kenya, and I saw that they are made in India as well. I went to our local "Ten Thousand Villages" here in Lebanon...it is a beautiful store and I just fell in love with these "galimotos" ! I decided not to buy them for the boys yet because they would be too hard on them. I just cannot stop thinking about them.
They are only $6 and they are incredible. I think I should by some and then make some more! The kids in these countries make them out of the scraps they can find and they are amazing to look at. When you roll them along the ground the little man's legs look as though they are pushing the pedals. I think I will have to go back and buy several. I am thinking of making it the theme in the boys new room...."international fun stuff" or something. Maybe it would be better to decorate my own room in them since I am the obsessed one. yeah?

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