02 December, 2007

I now know why.

why do it, well, here it is:
I know why I blog, at least why it is so nice lately. I blog because in blogging I have found myself surrounded by amazing women and men who are encouraging, not because they always agree, but because they cause me to grow. I have found a place to sort ideas, and thoughts were there is respect and love. In blogging I go into a place where my mind is king, and I have a chance to think on other things than diapers and dirty dishes. I have a chance to put myself out there, and pray that I am strong enough to take what I dish out, and understand when people do not agree and I wish with everything that they did. I put words down and hope they are not offensive, desiring them to be thought provoking and cause other people to grow. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I stew in my mind over things, such as (well right now) Historical Revisionism, the church, our society, culture, people, art and the world and then try to successfully regurgitate my ideas to you. I write it out at a thunderstorm pace and wonder who really cares...but time after time, you do.


MamaP said...

I completely agree. It's been so fun to get a great community of people to keep in contact with all the time.

bethany canfield said...

yes. you are so right p.

tricia said...

excellent bethany. way to get your thoughts down. i'm having a harder time; been thinking about it ever since your post asking "why?".